I love you to the bones.
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I post pictures of collarbones, hipbones, lips and the occasional feet or other body parts that are beautiful to me. Half concealed is sexier than stark naked, in my opinion.

Clicking on a picture will lead you to the source where I got it from. If you want me to credit you for a picture of yours that I used, you can tell me so by clicking on 'ask me anything' (at the top).

Feel free to submit a picture, but know this: I do not support anorexia, so any submission that I interpret as pro-ana will be deleted. Healthy bodies are beautiful, (deliberately) starving bodies aren't.

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By Caleb Alvarado
By Caleb Alvarado
This is not a “thinspo” blog. Please, appreciate every body no matter what shape it’s in, especially your own. Thin is not the same as healthy or beautiful.

I try to post pictures of healthy bodies and bodies of all sizes, but it’s not that easy. The internet is full of pictures of thin people, but you have to remember that it’s not a realistic representation of our world’s population, nor is it an ideal that you need to look up to.

By vicki_king
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I want to be anorexic fast
by Anonymous

I really hope this is a joke, even though it would be a sick one. Anorexia is a disorder, not something to envy. Your health should be your priority, not having “control” or being skinny. Do you think you’ll gain anything from destroying your body?

By lucie_im
By cutetoelover
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“She has curves in places other women don’t even have places”
By H Bombzz